Attended by:              Mike Hobson

                        Steve McLean

                        Jen Lawton

                        Jay Lawton

                        Trevor Davies

                        Hayley Nichol

                        Chelsea O’Neill


Date:  19 Nov 03






Club Goals




Explained the annual training plan and club race goals for 2004.  He proposed Corner Brook and Shubie Park be the 2004 goals.  Everyone agreed.

-Trevor to update training plan to show goal races

-Jason to put plan on website



Discussed some initiatives to increase the club size.

-posters for stad and dockyard gym in key positions (Jay)

-article in Trident newspaper (Steve)

-unmanned presentation for front of Stad and Dockyard gym – long term(Jay)

-advertisement in Community Bulletin Board done.  Article in routine orders (Trevor)

-open the club to more civilians

-link on TNS website to advertise for civilians (non-affiliated military) to join our club (Jen). 

-Also to give pamphlets to Cyclesmith and Bicycle Plus and Running Room and A1. (Steve and Mike)

-change pamphlet to include youth and civilians (non-affiliated military) (Jay)



Proposed opening the club to youth.  Everyone agreed that it was a good idea.

-youth (between 12 and 18)

-will have to look into a waiver and liability issues (Jen)

-organised practices,not coaching, only advice

-advertise on KOS website (Jen)

-advertise through MFRC youth coordinators (Jen)

-canvas swim teams (Jay)

-possible write-up in KOS news letter (Jen)






Presented the club assets

-we currently have $300 ($150 from race and $150 family days)



Asked opinions on purchasing of club equipment

-when there is enough money to spend then hand paddles, bike trainers, Triathlon bible were items to consider.




Trevor commented on setting criteria for the division of club income/assets.

-50% of Navy Triathlon race money goes back to the race and 50% into club fund.

-40% of club funds spent on equipment and 40% on race support (banners, transport, hotels, etc) and 20% is saved for rainy day fund.

 -all fund raising money given back to the member for club goal races and race uniforms (must be spent by the end of the year or it becomes club assets).  This fundraising money is to be held in the club fund.

-the profit from additional races and clinics will be divided as if fund raising


Discussed income and expenses for this year.  It was agreed to initiate an annual club membership fee of $25.00 for military affiliated members and $50.00 for non-military members.  The membership would cover the non-military members activity pass.  The membership money would go into club funds.  It was also agreed that the NTC constitution should be amended to state that “members must be members of TNS”.


Agreed that the club would ask to run a Family Days BBQ again this year.

-Update constitution. (Jay)

-Coordinate with TNS for 2004 TNS membership. (Trevor)









-Ask Gloria (Jay)

Club Events



Tabled several possible club events for 2004.  It was agreed that an OPI should be put in charge of each event. 

-Steve volunteered to be the OPI for a weekend training camp.  The club agreed to support him as volunteers. 


-Snow Ball winter running races were considered.  An OPI was not designated.  Agreed that taking over the Aquathlon Series would be better if Dal not running this year.


-Jason and Jen were made the OPIs for the Navy Triathlon Race in Shearwater.


-Trevor suggested we consider monthly social events.  It was agreed to have a social mid month.  And Friday morning Breakfasts each recovery week.


-Trevor briefed the NTC on a week long training camp with Peter Barrett being held in July in the summer.  It was agreed that this would be done on an individual basis.





-weekend training camp – Steve is to develop required tasks and assign to club members.



-Snow ball series - will take over the Aquathon races if possible.  If not, will look into organizing snow ball races (Roger)




-Navy Triathlon - Jay and Jen to organize as per last year (Jay and Jen)



-A Falls Lake (skiing and social night) will be organized (Trevor)





Training Program



Reviewed the Season Calendar to include testing, major races/goals/TNS Events/testing



Reviewed the general weekly workout schedule with times, places, and type of workout.  It was agreed that the workouts would be as follows:

Tuesday – 0630-0730 Swim

                 1600-1700 Bike

Wednesday- 1600-1730 Swim

Thursday – 1600-1700 Run

Friday – 0630-0730 Swim

Saturday – 0900-1200 Brick






-to be put on website (Jay)



Reviewed the possibility of PSP and corporate sponsorship.


-continue corporate and PSP sponsorship (Trevor)









Jason Lawton


Navy Tridents Triathlon Club






Trevor Davies


Navy Tridents Triathlon Club






Jennifer Lawton


Navy Tridents Triathlon Club






Stacey Robichaud

Community Recreation Director