Sunday, 29 May 2011

Swim:The swim will take place in the 12 Wing Shearwater pool.  The race will follow a heat format.  The competitors will be divided into 6 heats based on a combination of swim and overall seed times.  Each heat will consist of a maximum of 12 swimmers.  There will be a maximum of 2 swimmers in a lane.   Each lane will have a lap counter and there will be a back up heat lap counter.  A flutter board will be placed in the lane indicating 100m remaining.  The athlete will give his or her time card to the appropriate lap counter prior to the start of the designated heat.  After the swim the lap counter will give the competitor his time card back.
Bike:The bike course will take place on the CFB Shearwater base and runways.  The course measures 2.5km through the base to the start of the runway loop.  The bike route begins at the Shearwater Fitness Centre and works its way to the runway where the racers complete four loops (for the 20km distance) on the long runway and then return to transition zone. All participants must have a race number present on their back for the bike portion. Participants will not be able to ride the course prior to the event.
Run: Each event will have a different turnaround on the run route.  Volunteers will be placed throughout the course to provide directions and count laps. It is the athletes responsibility to familiarize themselves with their route prior to the start of their race and to ensure that they complete the proper number of laps.

Sprint and Duathlon Run Course - 5km (3 Loops) Right out of transition onto Boundary Rd.  Right on Swordfish Dr, (Start of Loop) Right on Firefly Terr to the Sprint Turnaround marker.

Super Sprint - 4km (3 Loops) Right out of transition onto Boundary Rd.  Right on Swordfish Dr.  Right on Firefly Terr to the Super Sprint turnaround marker.

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